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Fuel Economy Remaps

We'll remap your car to provide better economy, this will save you money and can also increase performance.

Performance Remaps

If you're after sheer performance we'll remap your vehicle to get the maximum BHP and torque.

Additional Options

We are also able to do DPF removal, EGR removal, speed limit removal and rev limit removal.

Fully mobile remapping specialist in Newcastle Upon Tyne

We are performance remapping specialists based in Newcastle Upon Tyne that cover a wide 50 mile radius in our fully kitted out van. We can tune any car or van alongside some HGV and Agricultural vehicles. – We can safely adjust the vehicles calibrations to safely increase power, improve throttle response and improve MPG for diesel vehicles.

Our highly rated service offers excellent value for all of our customers. All of our tuning calibrations have been thoroughly dyno tested to ensure fantastic results. The precise alterations of calibrations within the ecu enables an excellent gain of power, economy, and reliability. All maps remain within safe working limitations for any given vehicle.

Who are we?

Our highly skilled technicians provide a friendly, and professional service, ensuring the highest level of customer service. We have a history of fantastic reviews which alone shows the quality of our work ethic.

We use the latest diagnostic equipment and specialist tools required to work on all modern cars. However, the biggest, and most important tool we carry is our knowledge. We regularly invest money on software and new courses that come onto the market so that we can keep up to date and stay ahead of all competitors.

  • PERFORMANCE TUNING: Improve performance by up to 40%.
  • ECONOMY TUNING: Increase your fuel economy (MPG) by up to 25%.
  • DPF / EGR / ADBLUE SOLUTIONS: Prevent problems and save on future costly repairs.
  • AUTO GEARBOX TUNING: Optimise your gear ratios to improve performance and economy.
  • DIAGNOSTICS: Diagnose problems at a fraction of the price charged by dealers.
  • MOBILE SERVICE: We can come to any location of your choice in our fully equipped van.

Manufacturers Supported

Get a quote to remap your vehicle.

Whether you're looking for an economy or performance remap, get in touch with us to get a quote to remap your vehicle.